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5 axis telescopic wheel loader 3448 T-5A

Extremely high.
Extremely maneuverable.
The next step.

Technical details

Engine 4-cylinder-yanmar-48hp, 35,4 kW (48 hp)
Displacement 2190 ccm
Exhaust gas treatment Yes
Cooling Water cooler, Oil cooler
Hydrostatic drive / Pressure Hydrostat/ 365 bar
Transmission axialkolbenmotor-gelenkwelle
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Pushing the limits of reach and maneuverability

The 3448 -5A series has won no less than 3 innovation awards

  • GaLa Bau in fall 2018

  • Equitana in spring 2019

  • Sommet dÓR in fall 2019

With the unique combination of all-wheel-steering and center-articulation-steering we took the maneuverability of a capable wheel loader to the next level. So why stop there?

We never stop to develop better ways to meet your demands. We went the extra mile so you can go the extra mile.

Now you can not only operate a serious performance machine in really tight spaces but you can lift loads 25 percent higher than our largest H model. The 3448 T-5A sets new standards.

With a tipping-load of up to 2200 kg and a load-over-height of 3,90 meters you can get things done where they need to be done.

A high-quality Yanmar engine produces a solid 48 hp. That is enough to tackle any job. Like all our loaders the 3448 meets Stage V emission standards.

Equipped with a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and a diesel particulate filter (DPF) the 3448 contributes to a cleaner future without any need for AdBlue.

The high quality Yanmar DPF comes with a 6000 hours maintenance free promise, so this won't be troubling you anytime soon.

The powertrain consists of an automotive control, a drive shaft and high output planet drives so it is made sure every last foot-pound of torque is available at the wheels.

Even at low rpms.

Wet sand, silage or heavy soil can be loaded in the bucket with the highest shear force.

Heavy pallets are lifted with ease. Full lifting force while creeping is achieved with the Thaler inch-brake-pedal. It combines the inching mechanics and the brake-action in just one pedal.

This highly versatile machine is resetting the limits of what you can do. With a lot of additional options you can fit it to your needs even more. Lighting, a trailer hitch, different tires and more.

Go for an all-year-round closed cabin, or stay with the standard canopy to get on and off in no time. If you need the canopy to be even lower sometimes, get our optional patented hydraulically lowerable FOPS-ROPS roof.

Either way the operator's seat will always be vibration damped for a smooth ride.

Many more options are available to fit the 3448 right to your needs.

We also offer a large variety of attachments, so you can get every job done to full satisfaction. And, of course, the 3448 H comes with a hydraulic quick hitch, no need to get up.

Get in touch and learn more about how the 3448 L-5A is gonna get your job done - every time.

Standard equipment

  • 3 LED working lights
  • adjustable ergonomic seats
  • Thaler inch-brake-pedal allows to creep and brake with just one pedal
  • adjustable multi-purpose steering column
  • hydraulic quick hitch
  • optimized parallel motion
  • heavy duty Thaler center articulation joint
  • 2 steering-rams
  • convenient access, no drive shaft hump
  • maintenance free wet multiple-disc-brake
  • lubrication point optimized for easy access
  • oscillating rear axle - for maximum stability
  • all-wheel, front-, crab-, articulated-steer - or combined
  • DPF minimum 6000 hrs maintenance free
Teleskop Beschriftung

roadworthy lighting according to regulations available

IMG 2819

load-over-height of 3,90 meters

IMG 2792

high operating range

IMG 2796
IMG 2811

high quality workplace


battery main switch accessible from the outside

Sehr gut zugängliche Schmierpunkte bei einem Thaler Hoflader

lubrication point optimized for easy access

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Telescopic wheel loader compared

Exhaust gas treatment
Hydrostatic drive / Pressure
Lifting capacity
Standard tires
Working hydraulics / Pressure
  • 3-cylinder-yanmar-38hp, 28,2 kW (38 hp)
    1642 ccm
    Water cooler, Oil cooler
    Hydrostat/ 365 bar
    2000 kg
    400/50-15 (Breitbereifung) mit 6-Loch Felge
    ca. 51 l/min / 180 bar
  • 4-cylinder-yanmar-48hp, 35,4 kW (48 hp)
    2190 ccm
    Water cooler, Oil cooler
    Hydrostat/ 365 bar
    2500 kg
    400/50-15 (Breitbereifung) mit 6-Loch Felge
    ca. 51 l/min / 200 bar
  • 4-cylinder-Yanmar, 53 kW (72 hp)
    3320 ccm
    Water cooler, Oil cooler
    Hydrostat/ 365 bar
    4000 kg
    405/70-R20ET+30 AS
    ca. 75 l/min / 200 bar
  • 4-cylinder-yanmar-48hp, 35,4 kW (48 hp)
    2190 ccm
    Water cooler, Oil cooler
    Hydrostat/ 365 bar
    2500 kg
    400/50-15 AS Profil mit 6-Loch Felge
    ca. 51 l/min / 200 bar

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