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Neu ab 2022 erhältlich


Fits through every door.
Our smallest Thaler.

Technical details

Engine 3-cylinder-yanmar, 14,6 KW (19hp)
Displacement 900 ccm
Cooling Water cooler, Oil cooler
Hydrostatic drive / Pressure hydrostatic transmission with autmotive control
Transmission 4 wheel hub motors

A gifted talent.

Whether narrow, low barn doors, a small garden gate or the tightest curves. Thanks to its small dimensions, the 1220 can get through almost anywhere.

The 1220, the new edition of the smallest Thaler yard loader 120Z. We have consistently developed and improved the former 120Z. More nimble, more maneuverable and more stable, better handling and a wide range of applications. The attachments available make it possible to perform a wide variety of tasks in a time-saving manner. At the same time, the compact external dimensions ensure the best maneuverability and accessibility, even through the tightest of spaces.

The loader is driven as standard by an axial piston pump with a generously dimensioned oil cooler, thus ensuring permanent performance.

Even our smallest comes with the quality features you are used to from Thaler, such as quick-locking conveniently from the seat, optimized parallel guidance, a standard work light, optimally accessible grease nipples, powerful hydraulic cylinders, an adjustable seat and, of course, the highly stable Thaler articulated steering for constant ground contact of all wheels.

Get advice today on the applications that are right for you and find out how a Thaler can also improve your everyday work.

(Price offers available approx. November 2021)

Standard equipment

  • convenient access, no drive shaft hump
  • large combined water+oil cooler
  • Thaler inch-pedal
  • optimized parallel motion
  • adjustable comfortable seat
  • high tensile Thaler articulated pendulum joint
  • hydraulic quick hitch
  • led working light
  • easy accessible lubrication points
  • third hydraulic control circuit
  • z-kinematic
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IMG 9308

Transport (pallet fork)

IMG 8871

Bale transport

IMG 8862

Mucking out

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Mowing (rotary mower)

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Work (shovel)

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