• tools and attachements - sweeper
  • tools and attachements - sweeper
  • tools and attachements - sweeper

Tools and attachments


Loves it clean.
Available in different sizes.

for universal use


The Thaler sweeper comes with level control and pendular compensation.

Mounting and dismounting the Thaler sweeper and the optional side broom or dirt collection pan is an easy task.

For universal use on municipal vehicles, front loaders or Yard loaders and forklifts. Different bracket systems available: Euro8, three-point linkage, bracket for pallet forks or other quick coupling systems

Optional available:

Dirt collection pan always with hydraulic operating

Three-point-, Yard loader-, Frontloader-,or pallet fork-brackets.

Side broom

Hydraulic pivoting (additional hydraulic control circuit required)

All brushes either made from synthetics or steel.

Only side-broom made from steel.

The mounting frame comes as standard with level control and pendular compensation.

This way the broom will always be optimally adjusted to the ground.

The heavy duty wheels are individually adjustable.

Only ONE double-acting hydraulic control circuit required!


  • Mechanical lateral adjustment
  • splash guard (prevents stones from being slung away)
  • 3 heavy duty wheels
  • Powered by hydraulic engine
  • Diameter of main brush: 520 mm
  • main brush : 100 % PP
  • level control
  • pendular compensation

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