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The year 2020 is coming to an end and Thaler GmbH & Co KG is also slowly beginning the year-end spurt before the company holiday over the Christmas period.

Despite all adversities, 2020 was a successful year for the Bavarian company. The planned production of machines could be implemented practically in full.

"Of course, this year was different from the others," says Managing Director Manfred Thaler, "more difficult, there were problems. But I think that applies to everyone in 2020."

However, Thaler GmbH & CO KG has been able to successfully navigate through the pandemic so far.

"On the one hand, our strategy of stockpiling has proved successful," said Mr Thaler "with just-in-time we would certainly have got into trouble. In some cases there were problems with suppliers who simply could not deliver due to the crisis."

On the one hand, there was a well-stocked warehouse. On the other hand, Thaler is comparatively less dependent on suppliers.

"We have a high production depth. We produce the majority of the components ourselves here at our headquarters in Germany."

This made it possible to design the production flexibly at any time and to produce parts that were just needed or even in stock. So there were no problems with a production stop.

Thaler was thus able to maintain operations throughout the year. The measures were limited to encouraging employees to reduce overtime and take leave. State aid was not needed. Mrs. Sonja Thaler: "We were able to keep all jobs at Thaler, we are proud of that. Production is currently running at full capacity until the end of the year. We are happy that we have survived the year well and are now optimistic about the future!

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