A Dutch review on the 3248T-5A (translated)

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We all know the articulated loader 3248T for a while now. The german manufacturer now made the loader a little more agile.

It now steers not only center-articulated but also with an all-wheel-steer.

Thaler, the manufacturer of small buckets and small telescopic wheel loaders is in business for not too long. Since 2000 the company has been building wheel loaders. Loaders that are used in construction, in the industry, for agricultural use or landscaping. This also applies to the 3248T. A loader with a water-cooled 4-cylinder Yanmar engine that puts out 35,4 kW (48 hp). Of course it is powered hydraulically. It has a telescopic boom that reaches up to 4 meters.

Fully extended it lifts 1200 kg according to the manufacturer. When the boom is retracted the maximum payload is 2200 kg. Then it reaches up to 3,29 meters. Wenn the loader is articulated is the maximum tipping-load 900 kg respectively 1600 kg. The turning circle of the standard machine is 1,26 meters. This could be better, the engineers at Thaler thought. That is why they introduced the 3248 T-5A last September at the GaLaBau. The technical specifications are the same as with the 3248 T, only with a five-way steering.Of course, it still articulates. Due to different axles now also all-wheel-steer applies. “Tuin en Park Techniek” drove a prototype at importer Mechan Groen-Techniek. the tipping load is as high as witht the 3248 T, even if the loader is fully articulated. If you want to operate the wheels now you have to press two buttons next to the steering wheel. One clears the center articulation. With the other one, a button with three stages, you decide if you want to use front-wheel-drive, all-wheel-drive or crab-steering. Latter provides more stability on slopes.

No self alignment.

If you switch a lot between steering modes, it would be better if the buttons were a little closer. The center articulation angle is 20 ° rather than 55° in the standard model. This prevents instability, if the wheels are also steering. During the test drive we noticed that this is a prototype. The loader has no automatic center positioning and also no notification, neither for the wheels nor the center articulation. Luckily the engineers are planning to add a notification when the center position is reached.

For now we have to align the loader by feel. Besides that the comfort of the all-wheel-steer is noticed quickly. The loader is very maneuverable. The 3248T -5A reaches in the second gear a top speed of 25 kph. Switching to first gear is only possible if the loader is almost at a stand still.

The loader is equipped with a hydraulic pump that pumps 51 l/min. That is not a lot if you do a lot of things at the same time.

Luckily Thaler offers a 60 liter pump for a surcharge of 150 Euros.

This is money well spent. The first production machinery is expected to roll off the assembly line in March. Potential buyers must count with an additional charge of 6000 euros compared to the 3248 T. The 3248 T is sold for 41.605 Euros. The new 5A = 5 axis steering should be roughly 48.000 Euros.

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