Equitana innovation award 2019 - winner


This new and unique steering concept was introduced by Thaler GmbH & Co KG in fall of 2018.

Due to its exceptional stability and improved maneuverability it is probably the most stale articulated-steering-loader or the most maneuverable all-wheel-steer loader in the world.

The high stability results of a reduced angle of articulation of 20 °.

This way the distance between the tilting edge and center of gravity is quite large. It is comparable to a regular all-wheel-steering loader.

The all-wheel-steering ensures an unmatched maneuverability.

Compared to an articulated-steering-loader with an articulation angle of 55° the inner turning radius is now decreased by 30 % from 112 cm to 76 cm.

You get to choose between front-wheel-steering, all-wheel-steering, crab-steering or a combination with simultaneous

articulated-center-steering. This is a novelty that is convincing with its advantages. The Jury was also convinced and awarded the Thaler GmbH with the Equitana innovation award.

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