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    Because we know what's important!

    Facts and figures
  • Produktionsstandorte

    It all started in a garage... today it's a large Industrial plant.

    One thing never changes.
    Production on site.

    Quality - Made in Germany.

    Our history
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    Back then, as today, the key is quality and customer care.

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    Convince yourself!

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    Service & Sale
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    Quality and Reliability – for every task, everyday

    We offer a wide range on optional features, tools and attachments.

    Product overview

    Our loaders

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    Get started now: Our product finder will help you to find the product you need.

    Product finder

    Use the product finder to find the yard loader or wheel loader which fits best to your application. Another advantage: Besides the perfect fitting product you can easily find your contact person for personal consulting, sale and after sale service.


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    Our formula for success

    Made in Bavaria.

    1. Quality based on Education and Training - Trainees welcome. Your success is our success. That’s why we started to train young people in 2006 in the jobs „metal worker“ and „agricultural machine mechanics“. Ever since that we yearly start to train 4-7 apprentices in a 3 or 3,5 year course. That’s how we find our junior staff and can assure (the quality of our work and) the experience of our workers.

    2. Local Production in Bavaria, Germany. We manufacture our loaders exclusively in Polling, Germany. - the vertical range of manufacture goes from the development to cutting the metal with our laser cutting machine, cnc milling, coating and mounting. With our modern machinery and our experienced employees we can guarantee the fulfillment of highest standards in quality and reliability much valued by our customers until the very end.

    Thaler - Made in Bavaria.

    3. Development on eyes sight - We work closely with our customers to develop solutions and make steady progress with our products. Our team always cultivates a personal dialog with our customers, and we always take the time to attend to your needs. This information will enter the process and help to develop us and our products further. Our aim is to take the customers and the employees interests and ideas into account. We look towards our customer and their needs and not to the competitors. A creed we have been living by since the beginning is: Keep asking, what we can make better for our future customers?

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    Consulting and Sales

    Your concern is our concern

    If there are any further questions please don´t hesitate to contact us or fill out the contact form. We´ll be happy to assist you.

    Our awards

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